Hate Not Obamacare Will Destroy This Country

March 23, 2010

I have been seething for days.

Normally I do not use this blog as a forum for any kind of discussion of current political events.  I have friends of all different political ideologies and I am not prepared to debate any of my personal beliefs in this kind of forum.

About all I will say is I am a moderate person politically who sees lots of gray in life and have voted for both Republican and Democratic candidates. I USED to consider myself Politically Incorrect.

The events of this past weekend during the final part of the health care debate in the House of Representatives has finally made me say something.

I don’t care what your views on the issues are but I want to know when it became acceptable to shout derogatory remarks at elected officials of this country in the halls of congress?

John Lewis -One of the major participants in this country’s civil rights movement having to endure being called the “N” word.

Barney Frank – Homophobic epitaphs being unleashed at one of our senior elected officials.

I have been to congress and felt as if I was in a special place.  Name calling of this sort is improper anywhere but especially so in the halls of congress. 

The Tea Party demonstrators claim to love our country but do they even respect it and it’s institutions?

I am a firm believer in political activism and questioning the actions of our elected officials. But do we really want to become a country of such severe hate towards others whose beliefs may be different from our own?

How can there be dialogue with actions like these.

The Tea Party claims their dissatisfaction with our President is not racially or hate motivated and me with my “Pollyanna” view of things believed this.  I thought they were just acting from a place of fear.

Until now.

As always –    

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3 Responses to “Hate Not Obamacare Will Destroy This Country”

  1. Peggy Bunch Says:

    They have the whole scene filmed, did you hear anyone yell the “N” word? NO. Don’t think that the tea party movement is the one’s doing this, they are pretty peaceful demonstrators who are against goverment takeover and FOR more individual freedoms.

    I can’t stand people who are racist and would say such a thing but please do not blame one person or movement. I am a tea party person!!

    Thank You!!

  2. redriverpak Says:

    Hallelujah! My thoughts exactly!! I really get peeved when these jerks try to claim that none of that actually happened because it was not caught on tape (previous commenter). What a crock! Yeah…the Tea Party folks are probably correct. The Congressman, witnesses, and media just made the whole thing up to drum up sympathy for the Democrats. I too TRY TRY TRY TRY to bite my tongue when diving into politics on my blogs but sometimes it is REAL HARD with all the crap being thrown around these days. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone has the right to voice that opinion…..in a respectable manner. Degrading and spitting on any human being because of their political beliefs is just outrageous. 99% of these Tea Party people might be good, decent, well-mannered, respectable human beings. Unfortunately, it is the other 1% of their ranks that has all but defined the whole movement as bigoted, racist, homophobic, right-wing Idiots. Until they stand up and denounce the ones giving them a bad name, I have no respect for ANY of them! End of rant.

  3. izziedarling Says:

    I totally agree with you. But you may not agree with me when I say the “hate” should be directed at the mystery health care boards at the big insurance companies – you know, the undisclosed folks who decide whether we live or die? And for the record, do not support Tea Party people and do support civilized behavior. Good post.

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