Temple Grandin & Claire Danes


It started snowing in Atlanta Friday afternoon so both my wife and I came home early.  With nothing to do and not wanting to watch Wall to Wall coverage of “THE BLIZZARD” we decided to watch a movie on HBO that we had missed when it premiered last week,  Temple Grandin with Claire Danes

I was somewhat familiar with the real life Temple Grandin story (Click here for a full bio) because my wife is currently reading her book  “Animals Make Us Human” and there was a profile of her on 60 minutes a few years ago. 

The primary thing to know about Temple Grandin is that she is a highly educated and respected animal scientist and professor but is also autistic. Most importantly for this post is that as part of her autism she says that she – “Thinks in pictures”, like internet pages.  She visualizes anything she has seen, in her mind and can pull it back up and piece it together with other like material – Basically she is a human google. 

All of this is covered in the HBO movie and is quite fascinating.  But while watching the movie it dawned on me – SHE’S A REAL LIFE “CHUCK”!!! 

In case you are not familiar with the NBC show Chuck – it revolves around a central character named Chuck who has had massive CIA files downloaded in to his brain.  And when he recognizes something he “flashes” and all the information stored in his brain for that item is downloaded in to his conscious mind – LIKE A HUMAN GOOGLE!!! 

This has to be obvious to everyone who sees both because I am SOOO bad at making these kinds of connections like everyone says that the movie “Clueless” is based on Jane Austen’s “Emma” – Once told I see the connection but I’m not one to spot it. 

If you are not convinced watch the show on Monday nights on NBC and watch the movie on HBO.  Then make up your own mind. 

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The Who's - Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend at the 2010 Super Bowl

This is my Super Bowl inspired post.

My wife has been a fan of  The Who for most of her life.   Her brother was a little bit older and was seriously in to their music in the very early 70’s and was her introduction.  Now he sometimes acts as if he doesn’t know who they are even though he was the one that took her to one of their concerts when she was probably 12 – 14 years old and there has been a love affair ever since.

She does like their music and we have seen them in concert INNUMERABLE times.  In both Stadium and Arena venues. 

One of the most unique was in an outdoor amphitheatre setting that was actually a Roger Daltrey solo concert.  A torrential downpour  let out about half way through and the crowd scattered so we moved from our medium priced seats to the UP CLOSE seats.  I will say that it was a near religious experience watching him sing “Love, Reign O’er Me” while the rain came down in torrents.

The last time we saw The Who was probably in the late 90’s in Atlanta they were good but not great.

Tonight’s Super Bowl appearance was good but not great.

She disagrees with me about both of these performances.

I just think when it comes to The Who, she will always be that awestruck  adolescent seeing her first major stadium show of some true Rock Legends. 

Although she does question – Why is Pete Townshend so desperate for money that he licenses songs from The Who for every TV show and commercial on the air?

She’s delusional not stupid. 

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The CD "Tipping Point" by The Cringe

I’ve had the @IAMDANDC account on Twitter for 2 or 3 months now and of course the people who follow that account are varied.  There have been some writers, comedy clubs (no I don’t do standup) and a wide group of miscellaneous.

Today though was the strangest and or coolest.  I got followed by a band called “The Cringe”  (Twitter name @thecringe).  Now if they were a 70’s cover band I would understand.  But they are based out of New York and record contemporary music.

After following them back, I went to their Website – www.thecringe.com and was checking them out and I knew one of the band members looked familiar.  I’m thinking where do I know this guy from?  So I clicked on the “about” tab on their website and started reading their bios. 

One of the names ALSO seemed familiar but 1+1 was not equaling 2 yet.  But I assumed the familiar name matched the familiar face.  So of course I went to google and googled the name.

This guy who is their lead vocalist and one of the guitar players – IS MARRIED TO RACHAEL RAY FROM THE FOOD NETWORK!!

I knew I recognized that dude.

Check em out and if you are in New York City maybe stop in at one of their dates – which are listed on their website or follow them on Twitter.

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A Lot of people are talking about Simon Cowell leaving American Idol.

Here are my thoughts –

In my opinion it   “jumped the shark”  last year.






If I knew then what I know now I would have gotten a Copyright on this term.

When we thought it up, we thought it would be an inside joke to replace “creeker” about low class people.  Now, 30 years later it is not uncommon to hear this term bandied about.

I did a lot of research for this post.  I typed in “Origin Low Rent” in google and checked the first result.

According to Wordnik.com  the American Heritage Dictionary gives three definitions  –

  1. adjective Informal Having inexpensive rent: a low-rent apartment.
  2. adjective Informal Of low social status or moral character: “Steve Buscemi … may play low-rent, amoral types—hit men, weasels, snivelers—but … he’s more complicated than that” (Richard Leiby).
  3. adjective Informal Lacking taste or refinement: a low-rent television drama.

Interestingly there is no etymology or origin listed.  BECAUSE MY WIFE AND I INVENTED IT!!!  At least the usage under definitions 2 and 3.  I am not trying to say I invented the concept of inexpensive rent when somone is talking about their monthly rental expense.

I remember it like it was 10 years ago.  We were living in our first apartment.  We had friends over for a Dazed and Confused type of evening and had been watching the Sunday Night Movie of The Week – Airport ’77.  The one with Lee Grant, Jack Lemon and Brenda Vaccaro where they have to escape from the plane that has crashed underwater.

This being 1980 there was no cable tv in the city of Tampa yet.  There was cable outside the city limits where our parents lived which got you TBS from Atlanta, WGN from Chicago and if you paid extra, HBO.  This meant we had rabbit ears and that Sunday night late night TV was BAAAD.

We somehow ended up watching what I later came to realize was PTL Club.  Now remember we were Dazed and Confused and this was the first time I had ever seen Tammy Faye Bakker.  We made so much fun of her.  Her hair, her accent, her clothes and of course the makeup.  We decided the term to best describe her was “LOW RENT” (see definition #3).   We must have said it at least 300 times that night – we were so witty.

Over the years we used definitions 2 and 3 interchangably as appropriate.  Our friends and family adopted the saying but it was a few years ago that we saw it start creeping in to pop culture references.  The most recent occurence was by comedian Josh Wolf on one of his appearances on the Chelsea Lately roundtable on E!.  Oh, he was spouting it off like it was something he invented.

I want my Royalties.

Or at least an acknowledgement on the etymologies section of wordnik.com

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UPDATE:  I HAVE BEEN ADVISED BY TWITTER USER @MORROWLAND OF THE FOLLOWING – “Bette Midler was usin’ “low-rent” in her nightclub/concert shows in the 70’s. and then every gay in NYC used it too.”  So I guess the title of this blog should be “I Subconciously Stole The Term “Low Rent” from Bette Midler in 1980″.   So I have put strikethroughs in key spots and posted this update.  Thank you to Loni Love for retweeting this blog so I could be set straight. – 1/4/09

Chicken Man and Loni Love

December 20, 2009

Chicken Man's Favorite Meal

This is actually a followup to two previous posts. Several weeks ago I did a post on another blog professing my Twitter Love for comedian Loni Love because of her interaction with me via twitter (click here to see that post).  Then a few days ago I made the post on here “Marijuana and Hooters are The Same Thing” (Click here to see that post) .

After Loni Love mentioned the original post on her Twitter account the views of that post SKYROCKETED to the highest numbers ever seen before or since.

Well it has happened again.

I let Loni Love know about the “Marijuana and Hooters are The Same Thing” post on this site yesterday morning.  Loni specifically noticed a very small mention in the post where I revealed the nickname some former employees had given me.  Which is  “CHICKEN MAN” due to my love of any type of chicken but especially fried.  She mentioned it to me so I sent out a Tweet sharing that Loni Love had called me “Chicken Man”.

I had been happy with the number of views of the post up until that time but then this tweet came through on Twitter.

That is a retweet and what just happened was that  Loni Love just sent a link to my blog post to all her followers. 

The numbers SOARED through the roof once again.


If I made any money off this blog I would owe her a cut for being my publicist.

The main thing is it is just a nice thing to do for a fan.  Do you think Joel Stein could ever be bothered to do something nice? doubtful from what I have read.

For more Information on Loni Love – Website www.LoniLove.com,  Facebook Fan Page (Click Here) or of Course on Twitter at www.twitter.com/lonilove

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