Pissed Off Looking Six Toed Cat at Ernest Hemingway's House in Key West

It was announced that the Key West Home of Ernest Hemingway has been named a “Literary Landmark”.  The home is the location where he wrote “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”.  There is no doubt that this is a deserving and long overdue designation by the “American Library Association”.

That part is a good thing.

The part that bothered me was that neither The Huffington Post or the AP Release they cited as source material mentioned the other famous thing about this property –  The Six Toed Cats on the property that are descendants of an original cat owned by Hemingway (click here for more info).

Ernest Hemingway

Naming something as a landmark is GREAT but if we REALLY want to encourage people to go visit, we need to remind them about the Six Toed Cats.

I’ve been there with my wife and I have toured the property.  I don’t remember much about the house but I do remember the Six Toed Cats.

How excited do you the think the kids are going to be about going to see a dead author’s house when the Carnival/Disney cruise ship stops in Key West.  Not Very.

Tell the kids that it is – THE MUTANT CAT HOUSE!! – They will be racing to see who gets there first.

Sneaky way to get your kids edumacated so they can be sophisticated writers like Hemingway.  Not writers of shlocky blogs.

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Homewrecker Elayne Boosler

I am not planning on getting a divorce but if I ever do, one reason for my wife filing  could be that I REFUSE to ever order for her in a restaurant.

That is comedian Elayne Boosler’s fault.

If you are the target demographic for this blog you know very well who Elayne Boosler is.

She had a joke as part of her routine probably back in the early to mid 80’s where she mocked men who ordered for their dates.  The best description of which I found in a review by Lynn Harris of the book -Comedy at the Edge: How Stand-Up in the 1970’s Changed America written by Richard Zoglin.

….about waitressing in restaurants where men order “for the lady.” Boosler: “It made it seem like there could be only one lady. ‘The lady will have coffee.’ ‘OK, the slut’ll go get it.’ “

Because of that joke I can not bring myself to order for my wife and have often refused to do so when asked.

Even ordering a shared appetizer for the two of us makes me feel a little queasy. 

Tip to Elayne – If my wife DOES name you in our divorce you can buy her off by finding homes for all the dogs she rescues through your Tails of Joy rescue organization (click here to visit the site)

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Tilly - A Georgia Black Dog

Some people call me “hoity toity”. 

They do not know the history of my pets or they wouldn’t say that.  

Since my wife and I first moved in together we have had 11 pets, six of those are still with us (4 Cats and 2 dogs).  The others have died of various illnesses usually at a very advanced age. 

Once a pet gets taken in to our home it has a FOREVER home, we do not believe in disposable pets. 

Not one of these pets has ever come from a pet store or breeder.  All but one were definite rescues.  Even the one that I am not classifying as a rescue came from a friend whose grandmother’s barn cat had kitttens.

The dog pictured on this post is one of our younger pets “Tilly”.  She wandered in to our subdivision one day and she came to live with us after my wife claims “she followed me home”.  I am suspect of this story, I still think my wife lured her to our house. 

 If I was hoity toity, I would call Tilly a black lab.  But I know where she came from.  A rural area populated by trailers on acreage on the backside of our subdivision.  This was no labrador retreiver.  When I asked our veterinarian what she thought, her response was – “I don’t know but there are a lot of them around, I call them Georgia Black Dogs”.  The name has stuck.

Our other pets have included – Mr. Kitty, the barn cat.  Girl Cat, who was rescued from a thieving drug dealing co-worker of my wife’s.  Buddy, the sheltie mix dog who showed up at my mother in law’s front door the day before our wedding (love of my wife’s life).   Puss, the black and white cat that was rescued out of the middle of a busy street at approximately 3 weeks old.   Boo Kitty, one of our multitude of black cats that was found in an old mill village outside of Atlanta and then at about four years old, was hit by a car and is now known as our cat with “one good eye”.  Kitt’n, another black cat who was rescued from an abandoned Suzuki Samurai next to my parent’s house one morning at 3:00 am.  Two weeks old, severely dehydrated, near death and now 16 years old.

Then came the handicapped dogs.  Suzy, an off white terrier mix with a deformed jaw that causes her tongue to hang out like Snuffy Smith from the comics and results in a perpetually stinky face.  Max, our Golden Retriever from the rescue (the love of my life) only had half a tongue from an accident at a young age that caused him to drool constantly and have breath that was reminiscent of  “low tide”.  These two as a combo resulted in a comment from one friend “what’s the deal? can’t you get at least ONE whole dog”.

 The collection is rounded out by Miss Grossie, the final black cat.  She moved to our house from one down the street, lived on our front porch for a month and was finally let in because we were going out of town and it was going to be cold.  She hasn’t been outside since.  The most recent addition was a cat named Mindy who was a rescue from the local Cherokee County Humane Society.

Are these the pets of a hoity toity person?

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The Barbi Twins?

February 23, 2010

Poster for Movie "Skin Trade"

Today I was reading the feed from The Huffington Post and came across a blog post by Reedu Taha about  the new documentary “Skin Trade” which is an expose’ about the fur trade.  I found the subject of the movie admirable but I found the choice of The Barbi Twins as the face of the movie poster bizarre even though I found them hot “back in the day”

In case you are not familiar with the Barbi Twins they are Identical Twin Celebrity models who appeared in several Playboy pictorials, one of them had a tempestuous marriage to the actor Ken Wahl from the TV show Wiseguy (yes, Barbi and Ken) and the subject of a very popular E! True Hollywood Story.

I did send a tweet out saying “The Barbi Twins are still alive and speaking out against the fur trade”  and I sat down to write a post mocking them.  Then I did some research.

I want to apologize.

I thought they had been around in the 80’s.  It turns out they hit their top fame in the 90’s so that took 10 years off the slam I was going to make about the amount of time since their time in the spotlight.   

Then I got to the part that really made me feel guilty.  They are MAJOR animal activists not just “faces” for the movement but active participants. 

They are apparently very hands-on with their animal rescue projects.  These include actually partcipating in rescues after Huricanes Katrina and Rita as well as during the frequent California fires. They also were the founders of a website  “The Kitty Liberation Front”  which helps promote worldwide animal issues.  They also produced their own documentary “Your Mommy Kills Animals” which was named as one of the top 10 independent films of 2006 by cinephelia.com.

They are anti-pet shops, anti-puppymill and anti-animal experimentations as I am.

So once again, my apologies go out to the Barbi Twins.  They are doing more for animal causes than I am.

Here is the trailer from the movie Skin Trade mentioned earlier –

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