The Barbi Twins?

February 23, 2010

Poster for Movie "Skin Trade"

Today I was reading the feed from The Huffington Post and came across a blog post by Reedu Taha about  the new documentary “Skin Trade” which is an expose’ about the fur trade.  I found the subject of the movie admirable but I found the choice of The Barbi Twins as the face of the movie poster bizarre even though I found them hot “back in the day”

In case you are not familiar with the Barbi Twins they are Identical Twin Celebrity models who appeared in several Playboy pictorials, one of them had a tempestuous marriage to the actor Ken Wahl from the TV show Wiseguy (yes, Barbi and Ken) and the subject of a very popular E! True Hollywood Story.

I did send a tweet out saying “The Barbi Twins are still alive and speaking out against the fur trade”  and I sat down to write a post mocking them.  Then I did some research.

I want to apologize.

I thought they had been around in the 80’s.  It turns out they hit their top fame in the 90’s so that took 10 years off the slam I was going to make about the amount of time since their time in the spotlight.   

Then I got to the part that really made me feel guilty.  They are MAJOR animal activists not just “faces” for the movement but active participants. 

They are apparently very hands-on with their animal rescue projects.  These include actually partcipating in rescues after Huricanes Katrina and Rita as well as during the frequent California fires. They also were the founders of a website  “The Kitty Liberation Front”  which helps promote worldwide animal issues.  They also produced their own documentary “Your Mommy Kills Animals” which was named as one of the top 10 independent films of 2006 by

They are anti-pet shops, anti-puppymill and anti-animal experimentations as I am.

So once again, my apologies go out to the Barbi Twins.  They are doing more for animal causes than I am.

Here is the trailer from the movie Skin Trade mentioned earlier –

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3 Responses to “The Barbi Twins?”

  1. Reedu Taha Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your honest comment and your redeeming blog post. I love when we set out as writers with one story in mind, conduct a little research, and thus a new story is born… just love that. I can’t speak for the Barbi Twins when they were pin-up playboy models, but they are to be admired for who they have become. Shane and Sia are two very selfless, compassionate and hard-working animal activists and I am glad you see that, too.

    Yours and the animals’,

  2. These two fabulous ladies have done amazing work on behalf of the animals.

    Most of us talk a big talk about rescuing animals or show disgust at puppy mills, kitten mills and the horrors that animals face around the world. Sia and Shane actually walk the walk and stand up for animal rights on a daily basis.

    Whatever preconceived ideas you have about The Barbi Twins will melt away once you realize how incredibly devoted and passionate they are about helping all animals.

    I can only hope to do as much for the animals as they have. I have nothing but the highest respect for these amazing women.

    On behalf of the animals,
    Karen Anderson

  3. cate Says:

    these are two hardworkin’ gals, with the ability to laugh at themselves…all the way to the rescue…thanks for befriending…smart move

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