Cuban Immigrants Used to Sell Us Beer

January 24, 2010

In the 1970’s it was fairly easy to buy liquor when you were underage.  Bad fake ID’s were the best bet.  Even major chains would sell to you with those.  Mine claimed I was from California.

The drinking age at the time was 18 and if you looked 14, a lot of places would sell to you even without the fake ID.

In our neighborhood prior to obtaining a fake ID, the place to buy the preferred brand of under age drinkers (Miller in a Bottle) was a Cuban Market in our neighborhood that had taken over the space of a closed convenience store. 

The owners did not speak english and asking for an ID in any language was not in their vocabulary. 

Once we got our beer we would walk down to a wooded area behind a taco place that had taken over the old Dairy Queen.  Sit on some rocks, drink our beer and listen to people order their tacos at the drive thru.  Then wander on someplace else.  The 70’s involved a LOT of walking from place to place.

Now that I work daily in marketing  I would say the owners of that store were marketing experts who had identified their niche market and were providing a service to them.  The risk of being caught by the police selling to underage drinkers was outweighed by the potential profit reward. 

Evaluating Risk vs. Reward  – the formula for any Entrepreneur.

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2 Responses to “Cuban Immigrants Used to Sell Us Beer”

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