Chicken Man and Loni Love

December 20, 2009

Chicken Man's Favorite Meal

This is actually a followup to two previous posts. Several weeks ago I did a post on another blog professing my Twitter Love for comedian Loni Love because of her interaction with me via twitter (click here to see that post).  Then a few days ago I made the post on here “Marijuana and Hooters are The Same Thing” (Click here to see that post) .

After Loni Love mentioned the original post on her Twitter account the views of that post SKYROCKETED to the highest numbers ever seen before or since.

Well it has happened again.

I let Loni Love know about the “Marijuana and Hooters are The Same Thing” post on this site yesterday morning.  Loni specifically noticed a very small mention in the post where I revealed the nickname some former employees had given me.  Which is  “CHICKEN MAN” due to my love of any type of chicken but especially fried.  She mentioned it to me so I sent out a Tweet sharing that Loni Love had called me “Chicken Man”.

I had been happy with the number of views of the post up until that time but then this tweet came through on Twitter.

That is a retweet and what just happened was that  Loni Love just sent a link to my blog post to all her followers. 

The numbers SOARED through the roof once again.


If I made any money off this blog I would owe her a cut for being my publicist.

The main thing is it is just a nice thing to do for a fan.  Do you think Joel Stein could ever be bothered to do something nice? doubtful from what I have read.

For more Information on Loni Love – Website,  Facebook Fan Page (Click Here) or of Course on Twitter at

You can follow me on Facebook at “I am Dazed and Confused” or Twitter –



One Response to “Chicken Man and Loni Love”

  1. john Says:

    hey Chicken Man: you’re right about La Love Train. she does interact with her twitter fans and i don’t know how she finds the time. she works ALL the time, she is booked thru the end of 2010!! and i don’t get the impression she has some big entourage of hangers-on who cater to her and carry her luggage etc. so the very idea that she cares enuf to tweet us once in awhile is awesome…and does mean a lot.

    as you mentioned, there are LOTS of other comedians and celebs who couldn’t care less about sayin thx or howdy to their constituents. and i’m talkin about other denizens of Chelsea Lately who seem to ignore us, or at least they ignore me. i try not to be stalker-ish, or too familiar. but no go.

    so Loni gets the love, she gets the audiences, and most of all, the laughs. she writes her own stuff, she seems like a very happy person, and i admire her ability to multitask and still nurture her career.

    just my $.02

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