Marijuana and Hooters are The Same Thing

December 18, 2009

I’ve been hearing my whole life about the dangers of marijuana.  Primarily how it will lead to hard drugs including heroin.  Never fell for it.  I mean get real, with the name of this blog did you really think I would have an anti marijuana stance? 

Spin is often used to create this perception.  The anti drug people will tell you that marijuana is a gateway drug and that 90% of hard drug users started with marijuana.  That may be true but digging further in to the statistics you find that 90% of  marijuana users never move on to harder drugs.  

If we use the logic as presented by the anti drug coalitions then alcohol should be made illegal because the overwhelming majority of marijuana users start by drinking alcohol.  Once again though the majority of alcohol users don’t use marijuana.  So get over it. 

How is this at all relevant to Hooters? 

A lot of people believe that Hooters is a gateway occupation to becoming a stripper.  The truth as I have discovered over many years of research at Hooters restaurants (I really like their wings.  Ask my former employees who used to call me “Chicken Man”) and various strip clubs (usually in the company of my wife)  is similar to that of marijuana.  While it may be true that a large number of strippers started out as Hooters waitresses, the majority of Hooters waitresses never become strippers. 

Hooters Icon LA


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