My Band Played The Orange Bowl in ’77

December 14, 2009

People don’t always believe me when I tell them that I was in a band back in 1977 and we played a sold out show at the Orange Bowl in Miami.


Well OK that is not the whole story.  In 1977 I was a sophmore in High School and also in the Marching Band. I know that makes me a band nerd but I fought the stereotype all I could.

My high school was among a BUNCH of high school bands asked to participate in the half time show for a University of Miami game and we got to go out on the field and play plus the game was sold out. 

I don’t remember a lot about that weekend except – The buses smelled, we stayed at a Holiday Inn and we partied at the IHOP after the show (I mean game).  The reason I don’t remember much is remember it was the 70’s and I think a clarinet player had given me some quaaludes. 

The main part I remember is it was like being in a wierd foreign movie when we descended at the IHOP.  If you have never been in an IHOP at midnight with a 120 member marching band which included a full complement of Dancerettes and Flag Girls with lacquered wigs, drag queen makeup, capes and tap boots.  Trust me it is wierd.  The closest other memory I have occured about 10 years later at an intown Krystal on Halloween night at 3:00 AM.

So – I’m Sticking with my story.  My Band Played The Orange Bowl in ’77.


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